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#WorkingWomenWednesday J. Denise Williams Cromwell

Career: Entrepreneur, A Master Barber Hair Care Specialist , OJT instructor & CEO of Project Street Outreach, a nonprofit organization.

After many years of working as a CNA with the hope of becoming an LPN, I came to the realization that just because others thought I would make a good nurse, that wasn't necessarily true.  Although I was very passionate about helping others, the truth was that I simply hated needles!  I squirm at the sight of too much blood and quite simply, I can't tolerate seeing people hurt and in pain. I truly loved doing private duty nursing but became very emotional during the death of one of my patients. This is when it became apparent that I was not called to be a nurse.  I knew I had to make a decision to pursue something I loved.

I decided to become a barber!  As I became a more proficient barber, I decided that I wanted to own my shop.  In less than a year I graduated with my barbering license, obtained a master barber license, then became the owner of Barbering Plus.  I was also awarded two trophies, one for my hair cutting skills and the other for being the Class Queen. (Everyone always called me the Queen).  

I became a Community activist because my heart and passion has always been to help others.  I am currently the CEO of Project Street Outreach (PSO), a non profit organization. Our mission is to give back to homeless veterans and those who are less fortunate. Giving back makes me feel complete!

Of all my life's accomplishments, being a mom is at the top of the list! When Lamar and I adopted Asia, it allowed me to understand some of my own personal challenges.  Challenges that took me back to being a child in school and the struggles I overcame.  As an adult I learned about ADD/ADHD and how it affects the lives of children and adults.  Facing many obstacles and true realities has helped me become a career woman in control of my own destiny."

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